Code on Advertising, Marketing & Branding

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), as part of its mandate to protect consumers from misleading and unfair practices by telecommunications service providers, issued a Code on Advertising, Marketing & Branding, to monitor advertisements and promotions of related products and services in Qatar. The Code will further enhance the transparency of the ICT sector, and make it more effective for the consumers to make informed decisions while subscribing to telecom services in Qatar.

The Advertising Code clarifies the obligations of telecommunications service providers towards increased consumer protection.  The Code also specifies how the CRA will ensure  compliance. The Code requires that advertisements and information provided to consumers should be fair, truthful and accurate, and should not be misleading. This obligation is underpinned by more detailed provisions for advertisements comparing competing products, special offers, broadcast advertisements, etc.     

One of the key requirements in the Code is that direct marketing such as via telephone calls, text messages, and emails, must be non-intrusive. Therefore advertisers who are subject to this Code must limit the number of contacts on a daily basis. Additionally, any such contact should take place at an appropriate time so as not to disturb consumers. Finally, advertisers must give consumers the option to opt out of receiving any further advertisements of this kind without any cost to them. 

The Code on Advertising, Marketing & Branding, together with CRA’s Telecommunications Consumer Protection Policy, a dedicated telecom consumers complaint hotline – 103 - (operational 24-hours),  and an independent complaints service, which consumers can contact if they are dissatisfied with the way their service provider has treated their complaint; forms the basis of consumer protection efforts initiative by CRA.

The Code on Advertising, Marketing & Branding can be downloaded from this link.