Phone bills, Contracts, Charges

Your phone bill

Your bill is the main way your phone service provider communicates with you, so it is important the information it contains is clear. In fact, there are legal obligations on phone companies in Qatar to bill you in a way that is accurate, clear and easy for you to understand.

You are entitled to receive a paper bill. You can receive an 'online' bill electronically by email or SMS in addition to your paper bill, but a service provider cannot stop sending you paper bills without your written consent.

Know what you are being billed for

The Telecommunications Law and the Licences issued to Ooredoo and Vodafone require them to list (or itemize) all calls on your bill. For itemized calls, bills must display the call date, the number called, the duration of the call, and the call charge. Other charges, such as for equipment rental and maintenance, can be recorded on the bill in different ways and words, such as 'service and equipment'.

If you are not sure what you are being billed for, you should contact your service provider and ask for a full breakdown of charges, and an explanation of what the charges relate to. You are entitled to receive that if you request it.

Can my service provider change my terms and conditions of service?

A standard form of agreement is a pre-set contract that sets out the General Terms and Conditions for the supply of a telecommunications service to you. Service providers are required to publish a copy of their General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services on their websites and make them available to you with any application form you complete in person or online to subscribe for services.

Service providers are able to change their terms and conditions of service under a standard form of agreement, as long as they give you and CRA reasonable notice of the changes and CRA has approved those changes.

If you are not happy with changes made to the standard form of agreement that applies to you, you can contact your service provider to check if they can offer you any other options. Alternatively, do some research and see if another service provider can offer an arrangement which suits you better.

Contact your service provider if you are unsure about the terms and conditions that apply to you. Your service provider should be able to give you a summary version in plain language that may be easier to understand.

Can Ooredoo or Vodafone put up my charges after giving notice?

A service provider's charges for connections, monthly line rental, international calls (IDD) and mobile telephone services are subject to tariff reviews by CRA. A tariff for a service or bundle of services can be rejected or approved. Ooredoo's tariffs must be formally approved by CRA prior to being offered to you. Vodafone does not need CRA's prior approval, but Vodafone must notify CRA of its tariffs on or before the day they are offered to you. CRA can then approve, reject or modify a Vodafone tariff depending on a range of things including the effect on competition and consumers.

Customers must be notified at least 21 days before the effective date of all tariffs involving a price increase. Therefore, service providers can vary your charges provided CRA has approved the change and the service providers have given you 21 days notice of it.

I don't think that my phone bill is correct

If you do not understand your bill or you think it is incorrect, you should first try to resolve your concerns with your service provider. If a call to the service provider's customer service call centre or hotline is not enough, write a letter to the service provider's complaints section explaining your concerns. You can visit our page on 'How to complain'  for assistance with this. Service providers are obliged to resolve your complaint within 30 days. This period can be extended by CRA for complicated disputes.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution or explanation offered by the service provider, you can contact CRA about your complaint at the following email: consumervoice@cra.gov.qa. or by calling CRA's Consumer Protection Hotline on 103. Before CRA can consider or investigate your complaint, you will need to have raised the complaint with the relevant service provider and have attempted to resolve it.

Because bills are a matter between you and your service provider, we generally cannot help you if you think your bill is wrong. We can help you if you have evidence proving a bill is wrong and the service provider has not resolved this within the usual 30 day period.

Be aware that a service provider is not allowed to disconnect your service just because you have disputed a bill or have any other type of dispute with the service provider.

What help can I get from my phone company if I am having trouble paying my bill?

If you are experiencing difficulty paying your phone bill, you should contact your service provider to find out about your options