Radio Spectrum Policy

Spectrum is a fundamental, finite and valuable national resource which belongs to the State of Qatar, and which CRA is charged with managing spectrum on behalf of the State.  Spectrum is important to all sectors of the communications services industry and other strategic industries. There are international regulatory frameworks for the management of spectrum and regulators world-wide are continually reviewing the way in which spectrum policy, allocation and assignments are determined. This helps to ensure that the resource can be fairly distributed and used to optimum national and economic benefit.

CRA has been given the mandate to: 

  1. Grant, amend, renew, suspend and revoke Individual Licenses and determining the terms and procedures necessary for issuing such licenses;
  2. Determine the fees for Individual and Class Licenses and the fees for the use of radio spectrum or any other fees or expenses that must be paid by service providers;
  3. Approve the national plans for Radio Spectrum, Numbering and the Universal Service policy.

In accordance with Decree Law No. (34) of 2006 on the promulgation of the Telecommunications Law and the Executive By-Law for the Telecommunications Law, CRA issued a Radio Spectrum Policy in March 2012 to promote the economic and societal benefits from use of all spectrum, provide a transparent, non-discriminatory and predictable approach to spectrum management and take the least intrusive interventions consistent with achieving public policy objectives and efficient spectrum use.

The Radio Spectrum Policy Document is available here.