Complaint Process

As Qatar’s independent communications regulator, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)  strives to balance the obligations of telecoms service providers with the rights of consumers, and that the benefits of competition are passed on to consumers. You, as a consumers can play an active role in this process by keeping informed and exercising your rights.

The Telecommunications Law and the licenses issued to Ooredoo and Vodafone-Qatar include provisions that protect you in your dealings with them, by placing obligations on the service provider to be honest and deal fairly with you.

If you are unable to reach an acceptable solution to your complaint, you can freely approach the CRA and we will assist you in finding a mutually acceptable resolution. When you approach us we will investigate your complaint and promptly work to resolve them.  We have listed below the CRA’s complaint process for your easy reference. You may also download our mobile app Arsel to connect to us instantly.

Step 1: Register a complaint with your Service Provider.

  • If you have a Mobile service disconnection and your complaint remains open/unresolved for 48 hours, or 72 hours in case of fixed line disconnection, move to the next step.
  • If your complaint is not related to a service disconnection and remains unresolved for 30 calendar days* and / or you are dissatisfied with the resolution offered to you, move to the next step.
  • If you applied for a new fixed line service and your service has not been delivered after 10 working days since the submission of your application, and your complaint is open with the service provider for 48 hours with no alternative solution provided; move to the next step
  • If the service provider refused to lodge a complaint for you, move to the next step.
  • If you are a special need customer and your complaint (Disconnection or any other issue) is remained unresolved for 48 hours, move to the next step.

Step 2: Contact the CRA

  • Calling the CRA Hotline, Consumer Protection Affairs : 103 from Qatar and 00974 44069938 From overseas
  • Emailing us at:
  • Use the Online complaint form: Lodge a complaint
  • Twitter official account : @CRAqatar
  • Use Arsel mobile application

When lodging a complaint with us, please provide the following:

  • Your contact details (eg. phone, email, residential / company address, etc.)
  • The complaint “Reference Number” provided by your service provider;
  • Your consent to disclose your complaint details to the service provider, if necessary;
  • Copies of any documents relating to your complaint (eg. bills, advertisements, receipts, etc.);
  • A full description of your complaint and any resolution offered to you by the service provider;
  • Your Qatar ID number as proof that you are the subscriber of the service related to the complaint.

Step 3: What will happen next?

CRA will investigate and update you

The CRA will go through your complaint and may request further information from you to investigate the complaint. The CRA will keep you informed as the investigation continues and notify you of an outcome.

To Lodge a Complaint, Click Here

Please note that we can help you by:

  • Providing information about your rights and obligations;
  • Suggesting possible course of action for you;
  • Suggesting an alternative contact if we cannot help you;
  • Investigating your complaint with the service provider on your behalf.

However, please keep in mind that we cannot:

  • Give legal or professional advice;
  • Become involved in private legal disputes on behalf of consumers;
  • Investigate complaints outside the telecommunications sector.