CRA's Complaint Process

One of the responsibilities of the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is to ensure balancing the rights of consumers and telecom service providers. Therefore, the consumer can raise a complaint with CRA against the service providers regarding their services, by following the below process.


Register a complaint with your Telecom Service Provider.


Raise a complaint to CRA in the following cases:

- If you have a mobile service disconnection and your complaint remains unresolved for 48 hours, or for 72 hours in case of fixed line service disconnection.

- If your complaint is not related to a service disconnection and remains unresolved for 30 days and the complaint is still open.

- If you applied for a new fixed line service and your service has not been delivered after 10 working days since the submission of your application, and your complaint is still open for 48 hours with no alternative solution provided.

-  If you are a special need customer and your complaint is remained unresolved for 48 hours.

-  If the telecom service provider refused to raise a complaint. for you.

-  If you are not satisfied with the solution provided by the telecom service provider and your complaint is closed.


 Channels to Raise a Complaint to CRA:

-  Call the hotline number 103, and +97444069938 from overseas.

-  Email  

Complaint Form.

- Social media @craqatar.

-  “Arsel” app.



-  Contact number or e-mail address.

-  ID card number.

-  Complaint reference number (provided by telecom service provider).

-  Documents related to the complaint (bills, advertisements, receipts, and any other supporting documents).