The Qatar National IPv6 Strategy was developed by the CRA in alignment with Qatar’s national policies and vision. The Strategy provides an IPv6 adoption roadmap, and a high-level implementation plan to stakeholders across Qatar’s IP ecosystem. The plan took into account both national and international drivers.

The Strategy aims to:

Identify the players across the IP ecosystem and their interdependencies,
Provide guidance to each group of stakeholders on the activities and associated implementation timing (to meet with internationally accepted best-practice guidelines on IPv6 migration),
Identify suitable transition scenarios for the IPv6 stakeholders,
Provide supporting information, through the Qatar National IPv6 task force, to assist organizations develop their migration plans and, where necessary, the associated business case.


The Strategy provides an IPv6 Adoption Guide to system vendors, service providers, and end users. Based on stakeholder classification, the Adoption Guides give a high-level overview on how to plan and deploy the IPv6.