04 March 2014
Document Type Consultation

Consultation document on draft QoS Policy and Regulatory Framework - Annex 1: Draft Quality of Service Policy

This draft Quality of Service (QoS) Policy sets out the basis upon which the QoS offered by Service Providers shall be measured and regulated by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA).

Its goal is to explain the policies, objectives and general approach related to the regulation of QoS in Qatar. Pursuant to this QoS Policy, CRA will issue any decision that is necessary to implement the QoS Policy.

The objectives of this QoS Policy are:

  1. To modernize the regulation of QoS in Qatar in accordance with the Telecommunications Law;
  2. To explain CRA’s role with respect to QoS regulation;
  3. To introduce a greater level of clarity, transparency and certainty with respect to QoS regulation;
  4. To set the policies and objectives for the regulation of QoS, which forms the basis for the QoS Regulatory Framework; and
  5. To move from a regime where QoS regulation is focused on the monitoring of a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) listed in Service Providers’ licenses when licenses are granted, to a more comprehensive and forward-looking regime focusing on customers’ QoS experience and needs.