04 March 2014

Consultation document on draft QoS Policy and Regulatory Framework - Annex 2: Draft Quality of Service Regulatory Framework

The Quality of Service (QoS) Regulatory Framework sets out how the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) is going to regulate QoS offered by Service Providers.  Its goal is to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), targets, measurements methods, reporting and publication procedures, validation and audit approaches and enforcement procedures.

The development of a comprehensive and effective QoS Regulatory Framework will maximize the benefits to the public in the provision of telecommunications services (including Internet services) in Qatar.

The scope of this QoS regulatory Framework includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Fixed wired networks (including fixed passive wired networks), fixed wireless networks, mobile networks and satellite;
  2. Access services, voice services, video and multimedia services, SMS services, web browsing, leased lines;
  3. Wholesale services;
  4. Customer support;
  5. Billing; and
  6. Number portability.

In preparing this draft QoS Regulatory Framework, CRA has taken into account:

  1. Responses from the operators to the consultation document on QoS instructions  issued by CRA on July 22, 2013;
  2. International standards and best practices;
  3. Specificities of Qatar;
  4. An assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed new QoS regulations on all the parties involved (i.e., Service Providers, Customers and CRA);
  5. The evolution of the telecommunications market to build a forward-looking QoS regulatory framework; and
  6. Experts’ opinions.