08 October 2017
Document Type Law

Law No. (17) of 2017 Amending Some Provisions of the Telecommunications Law, Promulgated by the Decree Law No. (34) of 2006

These amendments are designed to strengthen the executive powers of the CRA. Among others it cancels decree Law No. (36) of 2004 of establishing ictQATAR, transfers the powers of the Board of Directors’ of ictQATAR to the Minister of Transport and Communications (MoTC) and ictQATAR’s General Secretariat’s power to the CRA. It stipulates that the Minister has the power to issue the executive regulations of the Telecommunications Law, while CRA has the power to issue technical regulations, decisions and orders, codes and instructions, and circulars required to implement the provisions of the Law. It gives CRA’s employees who are authorized as Judicial Control Officers the power to inspect, verify and control and establishes a new Committee called “Financial Penalties Committee” will be established at CRA, which will be specialized in imposing the financial penalties