Competition Framework

The documents on this page collectively form the Communication Regulatory Authority’s Competition Framework. The Competition Framework comprises the following elements:

1. Statement of Competition Policy: This document clarifies what CRA considers as anti-competitive behaviors and associated assessments and actions that will be taken by CRA if a service provider is found to have engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

2. Explanatory Document: This detailed document explains the elements of the Statement of Competition Policy in details and is a critical part of the Policy.

3. Market Definition and Dominance Designation Methodology: This document describes the methodology CRA will follow to define and assess relevant markets and designate dominant service providers.

4. Responses Received to the Public Consultation: The Competition Policy is result of a rigorous and transparent public consultation conducted by CRA in May 2015. This document contains responses from service providers and CRA’s answers to the point raised in the process.

5. Complaint Process: CRA manages resolution to any complaints submitted by the service providers in Qatar.


Details of the processes for resolving different types of complaints by service providers in the sector are available here.

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