Accredited Registrars

Certified by the CRA to provide Qatari Domain Names Registration

There are many benefits of having a .QA and domain name especially for companies that have a local presence in the Qatar.

  • Establish your company’s connection with Qatar
  • Attract more customers in QATAR
  • Helps in enhancing Google ranking and favorable for local SEO campaigns
  • Demonstrates a professional image for your company
  • Strengthen your visibility in the Qatar online market

If you are interested in buying .QA or domain names, choose a registrar that has a large portfolio of registered domains  and can help you to establish your online presence in the internet.

Below is are the CRA accredited registrars that authorized to support their customers with domain registrations, renewal, and management of the following domains.

.QA Domain for    : Personnel web page, blogs and small home business

.COM.QA Domain : for Commercial Company with valid commercial registrations in the

  1. Local Accredited Registrars., .qa and .قطرdomain registrations and local hosting services only. و .qa .قطرdomain registrations and web design services only., .qa and .قطرdomain registrations and web design and hosting services.

hosting your webpage in QATAR will ensure fast loading of your webpage within the country and ensure more security and suitability of your online presence.