CRA regulates and supervises the Postal Sector promulgated by Emiri Decision No. (42) of 2014. 

The CRA undertakes the full range of regulatory powers to ensure that competition in the Postal sector thrives and consumer rights are protected. 

According to the referred Emiri Decision to establish the CRA, whereby the aforementioned Law No. (15) of 2023 gives CRA mandate to:

- Regulate and monitor Postal Sector.

- Develop an organizational strategy to execute the general policy.

- Proposing controls and conditions for granting licenses to Service Providers.

- Protect the rights and interests of the public.

- Manage a dispute resolution system that is transparent, fair and effective.

- Monitor and ensure fair and legitimate competition between Service Providers.

- Represents the State in regional and international organizations, bodies and unions concerned with postal affairs.