Roaming Guides & Tips:

International roaming allows you to use your Qatari mobile phone SIM card to make and receive calls, SMSs, and mobile internet services when traveling outside of Qatar. If your mobile service provider has an agreement with a mobile service provider in the country you are visiting, and your mobile is equipped with international roaming capability, you will be able to use it as you normally would in Qatar.

You will continue to be billed by your home network provider, but the cost of using the overseas network is agreed between your provider and the overseas provider. This cost is passed on to you.

Be warned: using your mobile phone overseas often costs a lot more than using it at home in Qatar, and you may come home to find some very expensive mobile bills. So while it may be convenient to be contactable on your usual mobile number, make sure you are aware of all the costs before you decide to use international roaming and before using your phone overseas.

Before you leave Qatar check with your telecom service provider about:

The availability of roaming packages for the destination country.
The cost of roaming services for the country you plan to use. 
How and when to activate roaming service.
How to monitor roaming data usage.
Whether you should  keep your network selection manual or automatic. You often get a bill shock as a result of using a non-partner network at the destination country.

Also, make sure you:

Monitor your service provider notifications related to roaming service to prevent unexpected charges while using roaming packages during your travels.
Switch off your mobile roaming data option in your phone settings after consuming your roaming data.
Make sure you know the international format for telephone numbers by adding the international calling codes for the countries you wish to contact. For example, to call back home to Qatar you will need to add +974

How much will it cost?

International roaming can be very expensive. Ask your provider how much it will cost to:

Make calls to a number within your destination country.
Make calls to Qatar or any other country.
Receive calls within the destination country.
Send and receive SMS.
using the mobile Internet.

Important note: You will be charged for receiving and making calls.

 Are there any alternatives to international roaming?

There are other options for keeping in contact while overseas, including:

Use WiFi services where available to make VoIP calls (voice over internet protocol) and to send e-mails.
Buying a pre-paid SIM card from an operator in the country you are visiting.


Useful Contact numbers:

Ooredoo Qatar: 

Call Centre: 111 when you are in Qatar.

Overseas: +974 44380000

Other operators in Qatar: +974 44200700

Vodafone Qatar:  

Call Centre: 111 when you are in Qatar. 

Overseas: +974 77007111 

Other operators in Qatar: 8007111

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