Vision & Mission


Qatar - a smart connected nation, enabled through effective and innovative ICT and postal regulation.


  • To enable the development of a digital society and the postal sector for the social and economic benefit of Qatar, through a forward looking, transparent and consistent regulatory framework.

  • To foster sustainable competition to promote a fair market place and improve customer experience through the ubiquitous availability of smart, innovative and high quality services.

  • To continue building our institutional capabilities through investing in and developing our staff, expertise and resources.

CRA's Core Values

  • Act with integrity, respect and engendering / building trust

  • Treat people with care and seek to get the best out of everyone

  • Be accountable, act proportionately and in a transparent and consistent manner

  • Take an environmentally conscious approach

  • imPACT
  • Proportionate

  • Accountable

  • Consistent

  • Transparent