CRA regulates the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, pursuant to the provisions of the Telecommunications Law promulgated by Decree-Law No. (34) of 2006; Which in turn set a mechanism for the work of telecommunications companies in the State of Qatar. The most important objectives of the Telecommunications Law are:

1- Granting telecommunications licenses, which shall be as follows:

- Individual licenses
- Class licenses

2- Regulating radio spectrum management.
3- Protecting the interests of customers by dealing with non-competitive practices, through the application of fair, unified, and transparent licensing systems.
4- Regulating interconnection and access.
5- Managing and regulating numbering and numbers.
6- Regulating fair competition between licensed companies in accordance with the Telecommunications Law.
7- Resolve disputes arising between Service Providers, and between Service Providers and others.

According to the development of the telecommunications market and the advancement of technology, Law No. (17) of 2017, amending the Telecommunications Law promulgated by Decree-Law No. (34) of 2006; This is to keep pace with the changes that have taken place in the telecommunications sector as one of the most important sectors which Qatar pays great attention to. In which Law No. (17) of 2017 stipulates that the Financial Sanctions Committee shall be established to violate the licensees in the event of their violation of decisions, regulations, and instructions issued by CRA in accordance with Telecommunications Law provisions.