Type Approval

Any Local or International Manufacturer, Licensed Operator, Authorized Importer, Local dealer, or Persons (individuals or companies) in Qatar wishing to import RTTE for their own use (i.e. not for marketing/commercial purposes) can apply for type approval. A type approval certificate is granted if the equipment complies with the standards recognized by CRA.

To Apply for Type Approval:

- For equipment that have already obtained evidence from National Regulatory Authorities or Conformity Assessment Bodies recognized by CRA, customers may apply for the Simplified Type Approval process using the Simplified/Standard Type approval application form.

- For equipment that do not have significant evidence in the form of a Certificate of Compliance or a certificate from National Regulatory Authorities, customers must apply for the Standard Type Approval process using the Simplified/Standard Type approval application.

- Applications are to be delivered either in person to the CRA offices, or sent to the following email type.approval@cra.gov.qa .

- Applicants are required to pay the fees in advance or at the time of submission and attach the receipts to their corresponding Type Approval applications.

- For online applications customers are required to pay through bank transfer to CRA’s bank account.  

- Upon a successful assessment of the application a corresponding entry will be added to the type approval register and a certificate for the approved equipment would be provided to the applicant.

- Once equipment is type approved in Qatar it is deemed approved for any customer wishing to purchase the same, without the need to re-apply for type approval for the same device.


Required Supporting Documentation:

A signed and stamped Certificate of Compliance certifying that the device has been approved by a Conformity Assessment Body and/or a National Regulatory Authority to be included with the Simplified Type Approval application. 

A Technical Construction File containing Test Reports, Declaration of Conformity, and Technical/Operational documentation of the equipment as outlined on the Type Approval Guidelines.

Relevant Form:

- Simplified/Standard Type Approval Form (F-RT-06). 

Applicable Fees:

- The fees for the Simplified Process is QR 500 and for the Standard Process is QR 1000 for each model of equipment.

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