President Message

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) plays a leading role in regulating and developing the telecommunications, information technology, and postal sectors. CRA remains committed to creating a regulatory environment that fosters innovation, competition, investment, and economic diversity within the framework of comprehensive digital transformation impacting various sectors in the State of Qatar.


In line with the goals outlined in the Third National Development Strategy and Qatar Digital Agenda 2030, CRA is focused on strengthening the country's digital infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition to a knowledge-based economy.


At the local level, CRA plays an active role in stimulating digital economic growth and attracting foreign direct investment by working closely with Service Providers, strengthening the local supply chain, and enhancing the quality, speed, and accessibility of digital services to keep Qatar at the forefront of the global digital economy.


Regionally and internationally, CRA is committed to developing policies that promote economic activity and enhance partnerships and cooperation. By actively participating in international ICT forums, CRA ensures Qatar’s interests are represented effectively on the global stage.


Furthermore, CRA collaborates with local, regional, and international regulatory bodies to unify regulatory practices and enhance global partnerships, facilitating knowledge exchange and aligning strategies with international standards to address the constantly evolving challenges in the technological landscape.


Given the importance that Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies hold in the global technological landscape, CRA will establish appropriate regulatory frameworks for these technologies, as well as data, privacy, and the optimal use of radio spectrum, in line with international best practices, to ensure a secure and fair digital environment for all users.


The postal services sector is preparing for significant changes due to market restructuring, liberalization, and the entry of new Service Providers. The strategic expansion of major global companies in direct delivery networks has also had an impact. The new Postal Services Law in Qatar (Law No. 15 of 2023) represents an important step towards achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 and supporting the state’s strategy for non-oil economic diversification. This legislation is designed to reflect technological and global legislative advancements, benefiting from international trade agreements and Universal Postal Union recommendations. It encourages full compliance with policies while protecting consumer rights and paving the way for comprehensive postal services in the country.


In conclusion, CRA extends its gratitude to stakeholders, users, and Service Providers for their continued trust and cooperation as we work together to achieve high standards of innovation and consumer protection that will position Qatar as a leading digital hub regionally and globally.


Engineer Ahmad Abdulla AlMuslemani