Become A Registrar

Establish a Steady, Renewable Revenue Stream for your Business

When you become a registrar, you establish a steady, renewable revenue stream for your business and provide your customers with a more complete Web services package. To register Qatar top level domains names (.qa , you must become an accredited domain name registrar from CRA.



How Become A Registrar

To become a registrar you need to complete and submit an application form by e-mail to and agree to the terms of our Registrar Agreement.

After we have received your application and we may ask additional documents if needed then;

When your application is approved, we shall issue you NOC letter to add domain resellers function in your commercial registrations.

Once we have received copy of your CRA , we will activate your account and you can start reselling Qatari Domain.

If you have any inquiries please contact us by sending e-mail to