05 December 2016
Document Type Decision

Under the Telecommunications Law, the Authority is entitled to issue whatever decisions are required for the purpose and implementation of number portability, this includes Fixed Number Portability. The Regulator has already issued a Policy for the implementation of Fixed Number Portability. Following the policy the Authority issued a decision requesting both Service Providers to commence with  planning and preparation for the implementation of fixed number portability.

Fixed Number Portability is considered to be a pro-competitive mechanism to foster competition in the fixed line market. The implementation of fixed number portability will mean that consumers are  given a wider choice of Service Provider for fixed line services thereby enabling consumers to choose a service provider that offers competitive services at competitive rates. As this has a direct impact on customer choice and competition in the communications sector, the Authority would like to ensure that fixed number portability is in place by no later than July 30 2017.

This amended order sets out the activities that need to be implemented by the Service Providers and the deadlines to be met in order for fixed number portability to be launched by July 30, 2017.