The CRA, in coordination with Qatar University (QU), and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), developed the IPv6 Dual Stack
Implementation Guidelines for the purpose of assisting and supporting IPv6 stakeholders in enabling dual-stack solutions in their respective networks.

This document includes the processes and procedures required for the rollout of the dual-stack solution, starting from the IPv6 range acquirement to the detailed technical
steps for the IPv6 configuration. 
Furthermore, the detailed technical steps in this document will guide the network administrators as it simplifies the process in a way that is easy
for the reader to understand, to follow, and to use as a reference during the configuration of the
dual-stack solution. The CRA will continue to collaborate with academia and issue further guidelines to support the stakeholders and users in Qatar’s IP ecosystem.

This document was developed to provide a detailed explanation on how a dual-stack solution is implemented on a network level for an existing IPv4 network.