Lodge a Complaint

One of CRA’s major responsibilities is balancing consumers’ and telecom service providers’ rights through various aspects such as:

  • Issuing needed regulatory instruments to regulate the sector effectively.
  • Monitoring service providers’ compliance and the quality of telecom networks and services provided to consumers,
  • Enhancing a sustainable competition between service providers to ensure providing innovative and high-quality services,

To Submit your complaint to CRA, please select first your type of complaint, after which you will be asked to log in and fill out the form

Telecom Services
  • Mobile issues
  • Fixed Line issues
  • Handset
  • Network coverage
  • Postpaid Billing
  • Other
Domain Registry
  • Domain Availability Issue
  • Information Update
  • Registrars Issue
  • Technical Support
Spectrum & Licensing
  • Custom Clearance
  • Equipment Type Approval
  • Import Authorization Licensing
  • Spectrum Licensing

Other Services