27 June 2016

The Reference Infrastructure Access Offer (RIAO) was approved by CRA in November 2015 with the scope to provide fair and non-discriminatory access to Ooredoo’s ducts.

Following Ooredoo’s request for Review specific provisions of the RIAO approved in November 2015, the CRA issued a consultation to acquire inputs and decide on Ooredoo’s request. The CRA included in the consultation also clarifications to facilitate the signature of Agreements based on the RIAO.

With the updated RIAO, the CRA has now clarified that:

  • The RIAO is available to the Other Licensed Operators (OLOs) for signing an agreement from the date of the Order Approval
  • If the OLO wishes to sign an agreement based on the RIAO as approved by the CRA, negotiations are not needed and Ooredoo shall sign the agreement within 10 days from the acceptance notice

Other main changes are on:

  • The capacity - in both existing and new Ducts - Ooredoo can reserve to itself
  • The timeline for Ooredoo to approve the OLO requests related to Safety and Security procedures

The Order has also set up a Working Group Committee (WGC) charged to follow and facilitate the implementation of agreements based on the RIAO.

At the following can be downloaded:

1.            The Order approving the RIAO (CRA 2016/06/22), along with the Response Document (CRA 2016/06/22A) to the consultations on the RIAO, the Responses submitted by the Service Providers and the Consultation Documents (CRARAC 2016/06/26) 

2.            The RIAO Documents approved by CRA (CRA 2016/06/22B)