09 May 2020
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The last edition of National Numbering Plan

Telephone numbers are a valuable resource, with demand significantly increasing as the country grows both in terms of population and businesses. In Qatar, the Communications Regulatory Authority manages telephone numbers. The National Numbering Plan (NNP) provides the overall structure and designate different numbering levels for mobile and fixed line telecommunications services.

As part of NNP, CRA has established a centralized Numbering Management System (NMS) to facilitate Service Providers, automating all the numbering resource management functions, including numbering block allocations, reservations and reporting.

The last edition of National Numbering Plan was published in 2014. The Communications Regulatory Authority revisits plan every five years. The goal is to ensure efficient use and meet any new demand of numbers.

The updated NNP include following major changes:

  1. Designation of new level for M2M/IoT services
  2. Update in the application processes with inclusion of Numbering regulations
  3. Short Number designations and
  4. Plan availability in Arabic and English language.