30 December 2020
Document Type Policy,  Regulation,  Decision

Qatar Spectrum Outlook 2022

CRA presents in this document its spectrum management priorities through its three-year spectrum outlook. This outlook is expected to cover the prioritization of spectrum work in the short-term.

The purpose of this Outlook document is to provide stakeholders with an overview of CRA’s overall approach and planned activities related to meeting the expected demand for commercial mobile services, satellite services, broadcasting service, and program making and special events applications over the next three years. It outlines CRA’s plans to address issues related to access to spectrum and enabling new technologies, and to make resources available to support telecommunications services and applications that are expected to require new or additional spectrum in the coming years, especially during the hosting of the world cup 2022.CRA also plans to provide stakeholders and interested parties with an overview on spectrum management activities and projects, including update of the national frequency allocation plan, review of the spectrum usage fees, prepare a mechanism for QoS mobile networks audit as well as highlight the strategic spectrum projects that are expected to be completed before 2022.

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