26January 2021

CRA and College of the North Atlantic - Qatar Sign an MoU for Exchanging ICT Related Experiences

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) and College of the North Atlantic in Qatar (CNA-Q) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the fields of academic, research, and student support in terms of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The MoU was signed by His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai, President of CRA and Dr. Salem Nasser Al-Naemi, President of CNA-Q (Acting).

The MoU shall be valid for three years from the effective date, and the cooperation framework and scope of work include setting up testing and validation processes and procedures for telecom and networking systems at CNA-Q. In addition, instructors and faculty members will be invited to participate in finding solutions for current telecom related challenges in Qatar, setting up, reviewing, and updating regulations for CRA in various telecom fields.

Other benefits of the MoU include providing instructors and faculty members with resources that help conducting applied research that has mutual benefits to CNA-Q and CRA, as well as inviting students to attend and participate in activities held and organized by CRA such as training sessions, workshops, conferences, and symposiums. Capstone projects themes to students in telecom and networking will also be proposed, while having co-supervisors from CRA, coordinating short visits and trips to CRA’s departments and sites, and updating curriculum plans for the telecom and networking diploma's and bachelor’s degree to include regulatory related courses. The MoU is also open to allow cooperation in any other programs and activities agreed upon by CRA and CNA-Q.

“CRA welcomes the signing of the MoU, it will enhance the cooperation and coordination between CRA and CNA-Q, as we are always keen to build bridges of cooperation with different entities to exchange information and best experiences. The MoU will support training and developing youth skills and increase their knowledge of ICT, also through applied research which is a key tool for development and providing solutions to related challenges, the MoU will contribute to the development of ICT sector in Qatar,” said His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai, President of CRA.

“Finally, I would like to thank CNA-Q for their cooperation and we look forward to start working and cooperating with them within the MoU framework to achieve our common goals; supporting students and applied research and promoting the development of the ICT sector,” he added.

Commenting on the MoU, Dr. Salem Nasser Al-Naemi, President of CNA-Q (Acting) said: “We are pleased to collaborate with CRA, in order to offer our students and faculty new knowledge sharing opportunities. Contributing to the development of ICT sector in our Nation is an important step, as we move at a fast pace into a digitally driven era. I am confident that this agreement will prove to be mutually beneficial, especially that CNA-Q is committed to create highly-trained, industry-ready graduates. Above all, we greatly anticipate our evolving role in this collaboration, it is a new milestone in our journey to empower the new generation and give them the right tools to sustain our country’s growth, and help achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 goals.”