11September 2022

CRA Supports Lusail Super Cup™


The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) supported Lusail Super Cup™ by engaging its specialized team in monitoring the radio spectrum before and during the match to ensure that all stakeholders are using and operating various radiocommunications and broadcasting services as required and without interruption due to any radio interference that may appear suddenly.

Large events showcase a wide range of wireless applications and devices in limited space. This poses a real challenge to meet all radio spectrum requirements and ensure continuity of communication without radio interference. Also, cases of radio interference often require an immediate action. Therefore, the CRA, the agency responsible for managing, assigning, licensing, and monitoring the use of the radio spectrum, dedicates all its resources to ensuring optimal use of the country's radio spectrum.

CRA owns fixed and mobile stations that are part of its Automated Spectrum Monitoring System. The mobile monitoring stations are equipped with advanced equipment and tools and enable CRA to monitor the radio spectrum up to 40 GHz, identify any harmful radio frequency interference that may negatively affect the quality of public or private telecommunication networks and locate the source of the interference with high efficiency, which supports CRA’s mandate related to ensuring the availability of high-quality radio services in the State of Qatar.