20August 2020

CRA Participates in Regional Regulatory Roundtable Discussion during the 20th Global Symposium for Regulators

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) participated today in the Regional Regulatory Roundtable Discussion during the 20th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-20), which is organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The roundtable meeting was conducted in virtual format, under the title “Competition Policy and Analysis in a Digital Apps Environment for the Arab and Africa Regions”. The meeting was attended by representatives of the telecom and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) regulatory authorities, as well as other stakeholders from the Africa and Arab regions.

The meeting provided an analysis of the ICTs competition policy and regulation and the foundation for understanding the rules of competition and the regulatory powers that apply to the telecom sector, considering the wider competitive landscape that now includes digital platforms. The speakers highlighted digital strategies and innovative solutions adopted in terms of competition policy and analysis in a digital apps environment. Besides, the meeting explored the related challenges, opportunities and lessons learned in addition to the developments in regional related regulatory associations. Also, the meeting included a discussion about the GSR-20 Best Practice Guidelines, that will be adopted on September 1, 2020 as an outcome document of GSR.

“In line with CRA’s keenness to ensure the development of ICT sector in Qatar and transforming Qatar to a digital country, we have participated in the Regional Regulatory Roundtable Discussion, which enabled us to meet with other regulatory authorities and stakeholders from the Africa and Arab regions. In addition to exchanging views and experiences related to regulating the telecom and ICT, discussing ways of cooperation, and checking the current best practices followed in the field,” said Eng. Abdulla Jassmi, Technical Affairs Department Manager, CRA.

It is worth to mention that since 2000 and on a yearly basis the GSR brings together the heads of national telecom and ICT regulatory authorities of ITU member states, to share their views and experiences on the key related regulatory issues. GSR also fosters a dynamic global industry regulators dialogue, between regulators, policy makers, industry leaders and other key ICT stakeholders. The symposium concludes with the adoption by regulators of a set of regulatory best practice guidelines.