The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) issued a telecommunications Consumer Protection Policy in January 2014, as a solid foundation for our consumer protection work in Qatar.  The Policy, developed following a public consultation,  incorporates internationally and regionally recognized standards for telecommunication consumer rights.

The Policy brings together the existing obligations on service providers, and imposes a set of new obligations on operators to ensure that they compete fairly. The Policy includes a strengthened system for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the rules, and provision for a dispute resolution process that is independent of operators.

The Policy, together with 103 – a dedicated telecom consumers complaint hotline (operational 24-hours),  an independent complaints service, which consumers can contact if they are dissatisfied with the way their service provider has treated their complaint, and a Code on Advertising, Marketing & Branding; forms the basis of consumer protection efforts initiative by CRA.

The Consumer Protection Policy document can be downloaded from this link.