11 June 2016

Business Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

The CRA conducted a customer satisfaction survey among business customers with the key objective of measuring the satisfaction with Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by the service providers under its purview. In 2014, CRA conducted a research study on understanding general consumers’ experiences with communication services in the State of Qatar. In continuation, CRA   commissioned a research study on understanding the experiences and views of the ‘Business Customers’ and has now assessed the resulting implications for CRA.

The main objective of the Business satisfaction survey was to evaluate satisfaction levels with various communication services across parameters that include pricing, transparency and service offerings among the business market players.

The study’s purpose is to understand the overview of the competitive landscape in order to promote consumer sovereignty within the ‘Communications’ domain.

This study will serve as an essential baseline that allows CRA to propel policy and advocacy work to ensure high standards of Quality of Services (QoS) and competition within the communication sector in the state of Qatar.