18 May 2019
Document Type Decision

This Decision closes the RAS FY 2016 implementation process and instructs Ooredoo on improvements to be incorporated in the RAS FY 2017 and 2018.
A Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) describes a set of systems, processes, policies and procedures that enable a dominant service provider (DSP) to establish a record keeping regime necessary to meet its regulatory obligations, and which keeps track of revenues, costs, assets and capital employed. One of the key objectives of the RAS is to calculate, trace and analyze costs in order to demonstrate compliance with a cost orientation and non-discrimination obligation for regulated services. The main instruments of the RAS are: (i) the Cost Model (ii) the Separated Financial Statements; and, (iii) the Audit and Statement of Compliance.
The RAS is a relevant tool to ensure the prices and charges of dominant service providers are efficiently cost-based and appropriately applied to products and services offered at a wholesale or retail level.
Ooredoo is obliged to prepare the RAS consistently with the methodology and guidelines set by the CRA and submit an audited version of the RAS to the CRA for approval.