04 March 2014
Document Type Consultation

Consultation document on draft QoS Policy and Regulatory Framework - Annex 3: Quality of Service Benchmark Report

This report provides a detailed overview of regional and international practices with respect to Quality of Service (QoS) regulation. It elaborates conclusions which can be used for the QoS Regulatory Framework in Qatar on the basis of best practices identified.

The three main axes of other countries’ QoS regulatory frameworks are analyzed in this report:

  • QoS policies and objectives;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),  targets and measurements;
  • Organization and processes of other Regulatory Authorities.

For each of these three axes, several types of best practices which could be followed by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) are identified.

While the main body of this report summarizes the regional and international benchmark, annexes describe the details of the QoS regulatory framework in each of the country in the benchmark. The reader is therefore advised to refer to the annexes in case specific information not covered in the main body is required.