12 July 2014
Document Type Consultation

As required by the Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) Orders, Ooredoo has submitted the RAS for the Financial Years 2010/11/12 (collectively: 2010+).

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) provided Ooredoo with clarifications and further instructions in implementing and reviewing the RAS 2012+. Several of them are relevant and need to be introduced in the RAS Orders.

As a result, the CRA finds that the RAS Orders should be revised. This is crucial both to improve the RAS requirements and to provide the Auditor with a clear framework of reference for auditing the Ooredoo RAS.

Main changes proposed by the CRA are described in the consultation document that includes the Draft RAS Orders. All comments received have been carefully reviewed and considered by the CRA during the finalization of the RAS Orders.