24 April 2009
Document Type Consultation

Consultation on Type Approval Policy

This public consultation on the Type Approval Policy for Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (“RTTE”) is issued by ictQATAR in accordance with Decree Law No. (34) of 2006 on the promulgation of the Telecommunications Law.

Type Approval is the procedure by which RTTE is authorized by ictQATAR to be imported into or to be used in Qatar, and involves verification of the equipment’s compliance with the applicable standards and requirements. The Telecommunications Law provides a legal mandate and the authority to ictQATAR to establish an effective Type Approval Regime for RTTE (Article 2.11 and Article 4.5) and to determine the  technical  standards or specifications for the  RTTE or their types and the approval requirements and procedures (Chapter 12).

ictQATAR seeks views and comments from interested parties on this proposed Type Approval Policy for the State of Qatar. ictQATAR will carefully consider all submissions received through this consultation process in finalizing the Policy. However, ictQATAR is not obliged to take a final position on Type Approval of RTTE based on this document or the views submitted by any third party.