29 August 2009
Document Type Consultation

Consultation on Type Approval Policy - Response of ictQATAR

ictQATAR published a consultation document on Type Approval Policy for Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE), which will apply to all RTTE imported or manufactured in Qatar, whether for marketing/commercial purposes or for private use, and will apply to any Person that is the initial or first point of supply of RTTE in Qatar.  The new Type Approval policy applies internationally recognized standards as the basis for the type approval process, simplifies the fee structure for type approval applications, and ensures that only properly type-approved RTTE is imported and used in Qatar and that RTTE does not cause damage to, or interfere with, the operation of telecommunications networks or other equipment.

ictQATAR requested written comments in response to the Consultation Document from all individuals, companies or organizations with an interest in the importation, sale and/or use of RTTE in Qatar. Responses were received from 18 companies, and ictQATAR is publishing this summary of the major comments that have been raised in response to the Consultation Document along with a précis of ictQATAR’s views in relation to the comments received.