29 October 2016
Document Type Decision,  Regulations

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has formally designated Ooredoo as a Dominant Service Provider (DSP) in 14 telecommunications markets. Vodafone Qatar was designated as a DSP in two markets (termination in both fixed and mobile networks). The review confirms that Ooredoo has overwhelming market share in the fixed markets. 

In line with its mandate to promote competition and protect consumers, CRA periodically conducts a review of Market Definition and Dominance Designation (MDDD) in the State of Qatar. The 2016 review marks the third time an MDDD review was conducted. This is a comprehensive analysis of the telecommunications markets, determining the and the degree of market power or dominance of the service provider. The MDDD is a key instrument to enable targeted regulatory measures.

MDDD reviews are significant, because a DSP designation triggers a number of obligations on service providers. These obligations include e.g. a prohibition of abuse of a service provider’s dominant position, the obligation to deal on a non-discriminatory basis and the obligation to provide the competitors with wholesale services at fair and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

Ooredoo’s designation as a DSP will enable CRA to address competition issues in the fixed market. Ooredoo will be obliged to offer wholesale leased line and wholesale broadband services. This is in line with CRA’s 2014 policy objective to focus regulation on wholesale markets that promote fair access to networks while removing gradually, wherever possible, intrusive regulation at the retail level.  

The Notice and Orders concluding the MDDD 2016 Review is available at Re. MDDD 2016 Phase II Notice and Orders.pdf. 

Other related documents available are:

  • The Notice and Orders on the list of Relevant Markets to consider as part of the MDDD review and on the continued need for ex-ante regulation of services in Candidate Markets where Network and Service Providers (NSP) own and operate competing infrastructures was issued in July 2015 (Re. MDDD 2016 Phase I Notice and Orders.pdf)
  • Consultations, responses of the SPs, Responses of CRA and Economic Analyses issued during the MDDD review (Re. MDDD 2016 Consultations Responses and Orders 2015 -2016.pdf)

This review, along with CRA’s Competition Policy, Access Regulations, and Reference Offers and other regulatory instruments forms the framework for ensuring that competition thrives and that service providers develop better services and innovative products that benefit the end users.