20 July 2013
Document Type Consultation

The document on this page contains the proposed Quality of Service (QoS) Instruction with set requirements and obligations, which will, when finalized, be imposed on the fixed and mobile licensed service providers.

All interested parties are invited to submit responses to the questions specifically identified in this document and to provide their views on any other relevant aspects. Comments should reference the number of the question being addressed or the specific section of this document if not responding to a particular question.

To the extent possible, submissions should be supported by examples or relevant evidence. Any submissions received in response to this consultation will be carefully considered towards the finalization of the QoS Instruction. Nothing included in this consultation document is final or binding. However, the Regulatory Authority is under no obligation to adopt or implement any comments or proposals submitted.

Comments should be submitted by email to raconsultation@ict.gov.qa by September 15, 2013. The subject reference in the email should be stated as "QoS Instruction".