25 October 2010
Document Type Consultation

Market Definition and Dominance Designation 2010 - First Round of Consultation

This Consultation Document sets out the standards, methodology and process that ictQATAR proposed to adopt for (1) Defining relevant markets, (2) Analyzing the defined relevant markets, (3) Assessing the degree of market power in those markets, and (4) Designating one or more Service Provider(s) (“SP”) as having a Dominant Position as a Dominant Service Provider (“DSP”) in each relevant market where the SP, individually or jointly with others, is found to exercise Significant Market Power (“SMP”).

This is the second consultation on the topic. It was directed towards the Service Providers and the interested public for comments. ictQATAR invited comments to the questions contained in this Consultation Document.

Qtel and Vodafone's responses to the consultation are incorporated in the document.