10 March 2019

Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) Order - New rules applicable from the RAS of Ooredoo starting from the Financial Year 2019

A Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) describes a set of systems, processes, policies and procedures that enable a Dominant Service Provider (DSP) to establish a record keeping regime necessary to meet its regulatory obligations.
The main instruments of the RAS are: (i) the Cost Model (ii) the Separated Financial Statements; and, (iii) the Audit and Statement of Compliance.
One of the key objectives of the RAS is to calculate, trace and analyze costs in order to demonstrate compliance with a cost orientation and non-discrimination obligation for regulated services. 
Particularly, the RAS provides the CRA with relevant information to ensure the prices and charges of Dominant Service Providers (DSP) are efficiently cost-based and appropriately applied to products and services offered at both wholesale and retail level. 
Ooredoo from the RAS of the Financial Year 2019 shall comply with the RAS Order 2017.
Main relevant changes compared to the previous RAS Order are:
  1. The structure is now by relevant markets as defined by the CRA;
  2.  More stringent requirements to ensure non (economic/technical)-discrimination;
  3. More detailed guidelines for developing an Activity Based Costing (ABC);
  4.  New reporting requirements;
  5. Audit standards based on Properly Prepared In Accordance (PPIA) with the methodology approved by the CRA; 
  6.  Publication of Audit Opinion of an independent auditor, along with CRA’s Order assessing the RAS.
The Order has been issued taking into account the responses submitted by the Service Providers to the related consultations.
The Decision of the President, consultation documents, responses of the Service Providers and CRA’s response documents can be downloaded from the links below.