10 January 2011
Document Type Consultation

Responses to Consultation on Type Approval Guidelines

This document is a follow up to the public consultation on the draft Type Approval Guidelines launched by ictQATAR on 13 June 2010, which then led to the release of the final Type Approval Guidelines on 9 January 2011. The report provides a summary of the responses to the consultation document on the Type Approval Guidelines. The purpose of this consultation was to ensure that the new Type Approval regime is one that has the support of all the stakeholders involved in the run up to the planned opening of the market for importation and commercialization of RTTE. In an effort to collect as many responses as possible to ensure that all of the aspects of type approval have been covered, this document was sent to national stakeholders, international manufacturers, international consultants, as well as government entities. This document contains the list of the responses received.