06June 2021

CRA Publishes the Fourth Version of the Class License for Short Range Devices


The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) recently published on its website the fourth version of the Class License for Short Range Devices (SRDs) that replaces the third version that was in place. The fourth version was designed to keep pace with rapid technological advancements in radio-communications equipment and applications and according to the resolutions and recommendations of World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19).

The Class License specifies the harmonized standards to be used for SRDs and the fourth version includes updates to the rules, international standards and technical specifications for the SRDs intended to be imported to Qatar as well as the corresponding authorized maximum allowed output power. In addition to updates related to the addition of new frequency bands and applications for SRDs including Wireless Access Systems (WAS) applications like Radio Local Area Networks (RLANs) applications onboard land vehicles which include wagons, cars, trucks, and buses.

“The introduction of the additional frequency ranges was in response to the rapid increase in the uses of radio-communications equipment and applications and the numerous recent related advancements. In addition to CRA’s keenness to ensure that there is enough radio spectrum to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological environment and therefore ensuring that advanced, innovative, and reliable information and communications technology services are provided across Qatar. The additional frequencies to these applications and the review of the authorized maximum allowed output power for some applications will allow using and selling a greater variety of SRDs in the country, which in turn will benefit consumers and other stakeholders,” said His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al-Mannai, President of CRA.

The fourth version of the Class License for SRDs is available via this link.

It is worth mentioning that the CRA is the responsible authority for regulating and managing all the affairs related to the use of the radio spectrum in Qatar, as well as establishing an effective approval regime for telecommunications equipment. Accordingly, CRA has the powers and authorities of granting, amending, renewing, suspending, and revoking Class Licenses, Radio Spectrum Licenses and Authorizations and determining the terms and procedures necessary for their issuance. Also, CRA sets and manages the plan for Radio Spectrum and ensures the optimal use of it, where no person shall operate any radio-communications equipment or make any use of radio frequencies, without a Radio Spectrum License or a Radio Frequency Authorization from the CRA. Moreover, CRA monitors compliance by licensees with the terms and conditions of their licenses and may take any measures and procedures in this regard.