Complains Process

Registrars use a whole range of different operating models, all registrars are required to comply with the CRA Registry-Registrar Agreement. If you believe your registrar has broken these terms, it’s important to let us know, or if you have experienced any of the problems below, send your complain by e-mail ( or call 103 and we will investigate the complaint and take steps to remedy the situation.

  • Registrars not transferring domain names when requested
  • Registrars not making service and transfer charges clear on their websites or contract documents
  • Registrars not responding to e-mails or phone calls.
  • Service timescales not being stated clearly
  • Registrars registering domain names in their own name without the explicit permission of the registrant
  • Resellers not providing the same level of service as the registrar to which they are contracted
  • Registrars not making registrants aware of our terms and conditions and how they impact on our relationship with both parties.

If your complaint is not about a breach of our Registry-Registrar Agreement, you should take it directly to the company you’re complaining about. If you don’t feel they resolve your complaint, then you may also contact the CRA complain hotline 103 and we shall investigate the problem and find remedy action.